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Stainless steel heater with frosted finish. Glass resistant to high temperatures (900ºC). Tank with 5L capacity. Weight: 12.5kg empty and 17 kg full of fuel.


Bioethanol is a type of alcohol obtained from vegetables and organic remains. Clean energy, renewable and sustainable.

Thermal efficiency

95% of the heat is used. Produces a very pleasant sensation of comfort, free of smoke and pollutants.

Calorific Power

It has three levels to regulate the temperature: At maximum power, the emission of hot air can reach exceed 230ºC. 5 liter tank.
1_High temperature glass withstands up to 900°C.
3_Stainless steel structure.
2_It has four modes: 3 different temperature settings and off.
4_Iron tank with a 5L capacity.
Thermal Efficiency Comfort Regulations Sustainability Consumption Storage
Calidor Heater
95% heat
fully used.
No pollutant gases.

Pleasant feeling of warmth.
Complies with
UE Standards.
Easy to move and
store 5 L can
30% heat used.
Pollutant gases.
Aggressive heat.
Doesn’t comply
with new UE Standards.
£17.5 per day
(£35.95 - 13kg refill) Full power
Heavy weight. Difficult to move and store Butane gas canister

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